Perfect brew every time.

The one app to contain all your teas, vessels, and perfect settings for each combination!

Add your own teas:

Take photos from insde of the app of each tea in your collection. Then you can categorize it and input all the settings for a perfect brew: temperature, grams per 100ml, and second precise control for the times. Just with a few values you can control as many infusions as each tea can provide.

Started with expert recommended settings.

Often I got asked – what if I don’t know anything about tea? The Incremental Tea Timer accomodates for brewing tea with standart settings before starting to make changes.

White Tea

85C°  3.5g/dl – first infusion 20s

Green Tea

80C° 3g/dl – first infusion 15s

Oolong Tea

90C° 4.5g/dl – first infusion 20s

Black Tea

95C° 4g/dl – first infusion 10s

Puerh Tea

90C° 5g/dl – first infusion 10s

Herbal and Other Tea

95C° 5g/dl – first infusion 10s

Take photos of your teapots and gaiwans!

Just like the teas, you can input your collection of vessels in the app. The most important parameter is Capacity in milliliters. The app will then calculate how many grams of dry leaf you need to add for each tea according to its settings.

Light theme for the day.

Dark theme for a more low key look

Get on Android for free:

– One button timer for longer next infusions

– Keep track of all your teas

– Perfect brew every time

From Daniel

Many years ago my tea journey started with picking herbal tea in the mountains with my grandpa! Since then I have walked the long path from using tea bags to using loose leaf and having my own collection of teaware and fantastic Chinese and Japanese teas.

Now my tea passion has taken me on a new journey – creating the best tea timer app for gong fu brewing! I need a tool to help me brew tea for my friends and family perfectly every single time. This passion project of mine might be a cool fun tool for you to try!


Where is my data saved?

All information you enter in the app is saved locally on your phone. This means no one else but you has access to it. On one hand, you are safe, but on the other, if you lose your phone or reinstall the app, all information you have entered will be lost. (working on improving this, contact me directly if you want to manually back it up)

How many teas can I have?

As many as you need! There is no limit on how many teas you can enter in the Incremental Tea Timer!

Is the app coming to iOS?

As a solo developer, it is really hard for me to support both platforms. Bringing the Incremental Tea Timer to Android has been a massive challenge. As I am moving forward I could look into hiring an external developer to help me port it in the far future.

How can I support you for making this free app?

Very nice of you to ask! Follow me on Instagram, send me a photo of how you use it and share it with your friends. It makes my days to receive examples of people using it. It means all this hard work was worth it 🙂

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